About Caesura

Handmade jewelry made from ocean-tossed shells and stones, broken pottery, and colored wire. 

Emma Berdie Donson is a creator living in Austin, TX.

A caesura is a break or a pause in a line of text. 

Like many people, Emma lost her job when the COVID-19 pandemic began. One day, a few months into lockdown, she broke a beautiful, hand-painted bowl she bought in Morocco. After that break, she paused and wondered what new thing she might make out of the pieces. That is when she began her adventure into the world of handmade jewelry.

Armed with a Dremel and a curious spirit, Emma has created a few different lines of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that celebrate the unexpected joys our global pause has made possible. They honor, for example, the ability to relish in nature and its gifts, the simplicity of creating something by hand, the fun of reconnecting with family and old friends, and the time to come up with the alternate company name: "This Jewelry ROCKS!"

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15% of our proceeds go to support organizations like End The Backlog and Black Lives Matter.