Customizable silhouette on stone necklace on chain or suede

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You choose your size stone.  You choose your color for the silhouette charm.  You choose your color and style chain or suede.  Lastly, you choose your length of chain or suede.  

*Please understand all stones will vary but I will choose the most beautiful one I have for your gorgeous customizable piece.  

Your options!

Size stone or shell: small stone (>1 in), large stone (<1 in), or on a shell

Color Silhouette: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, or Black

Color chain or suede: Gold filled paperclip, Gold filled dainty, Gold filled long and short, Gold filled Figaro, Gold filled curb, Sterling silver paperclip, Sterling silver dainty, Sterling silver curb, Rose Gold filled paperclip, Rose Gold filled dainty, Black color dainty, or Suede:

Sky Blue 124, Burnt Umber 134, Taro 41, Iris Blue 138, White 128, Wild Shimmer 47, Dark Olive 34, Bullfrog Green 35, Gypsy Rouge 26, Sand 42, Bay Sand Gray 39, Pacific 107, Medium brown 112, Military Green 137, Dark Meadow 30, Roast Brown 36

Length: 14 in (choker), 16 in, 18 in, 20 in, or 22 in

Notice to buyers on quality